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Healthy Breakfast

Why Dieters Should Not Skip Breakfast

Were you as a child advised to never skip breakfast? Do you, as yet, ignore this good advice? Breakfast truly is one of the most important meals of the day, especially for dieters. Break fast is so called because this meal breaks the fast that your body has been enduring while you’ve slept. Blood glucose levels are low and metabolism has slowed. This morning meal jumps-starts the metabolism and revs it up for the day, as well as providing your body with the components for energy metabolism.

Dieters are aware of the importance of eating five to six small meals throughout the day as opposed to two or three large ones. Eating many small meals helps keeps you energized and keeps your metabolic rate high, it also aids in preventing periods of severe hunger and overeating. Breakfast should be the first of these small meals of the day.

The components of an ideal breakfast

A nutrient-dense and filling breakfast will provide the boost of energy you need to get your day started and clear your head. There is a strong link between eating breakfast and mental performance, so prepare yourself both physically and mentally by not skipping this important meal.

Ideally, your breakfast should contain complex carbohydrates in the form of whole-grains, fruit, or vegetables for immediate energy as well as a variety of other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. An egg, some nuts, or low fat dairy can provide the protein to help regulate blood sugar and provide energy until your next meal. This type of breakfast is a much better way to start your day than starting it on an empty stomach.

If you find it hard to eat in the morning, at least have a piece of fresh fruit or a slice of whole-grain toast to get you started. You should find yourself ready to eat something more substantial a couple hours later.

The benefits of a healthy breakfast

The best reason I can give weight watchers as encouragement toward eating breakfast is that breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, which is crucial for weight loss. A healthy and nutritious breakfast plays an important role in a well-balanced diet. People who skip breakfast are more prone to overeat in the later part of the day, so a good breakfast is a great way to avoid binge eating.

A study conducted by the University of Tasmania concluded that children who regularly skipped breakfast in childhood and adulthood had a higher waist circumference, higher cholesterol, and higher blood sugar levels. And a study published in the Journal of the American Diabetic Association found that women who ate breakfast on a regular basis, tended to eat less calories during the day than women who skipped breakfast.

Some easy and tasty breakfast ideas

Yogurt is a quick, healthy, and tasty breakfast option. Add some fresh fruit or whole-grain granola for additional nutrient benefit. A whole-grain, high fiber cereal with low-fat milk or soy, or a couple slices of whole-grain toast or English muffin with a smear of 100% fruit jam or nut butter are more great ways to get your metabolism moving, If you have to eat on the run, prepare a hard-boiled egg and some sliced fruit the night before and grab as you are heading out the door. Replace that morning coffee with a fruit smoothie of skim milk and fresh fruit for a healthier breakfast beverage.

There are many other healthy breakfast options to consider. Experiment with nutritious low calorie vegetables and lean proteins that adhere to your diet plan and personal preferences. For additional information on planning healthy meals, refer to The Healthy Way Diet Program and Recipe Book.


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